Ronwe是一个小公司,成立于2012年,由Cezary和Konrad两家合作组建。他们开发了一个软件 - Ronwe营销软件。我的目标是创造一个清新,专业的品牌形象。

Ronwe is a small company founded in 2012 by two partners - Cezary and Konrad. They developed a software - Ronwe Marketing Suite - which is an ultimate tool that let you improve customer experience in Magento-based eCommerce. Their flagship product allows you to customize your content and the behaviour of your Magento eCommerce sites automatically.

My goal was to create a fresh and professional brand identity, which reflects Ronwe Marketing Suite's kind of services as well as it's working field (Magento system). While design process, we passed with Ronwe through about 6 different logo ideas, but we both feel that it was worth it. Based on the selected path, I designed corporate identity materials like letterhed, business card or envelope. Additionally, I was asked to design a responsive website.

What they said at the end?

" Dominik have provided an excellent service for Ronwe Limited. Dominik took us through the process of design of the company logo, web site concept and web site design. What I really liked in his approach was the attention he paid to the details. That really made a difference when the project was finalized. Overall, Ronwe received a great service from Dominik throughout the 3 months. It was a pleasure, to work with such a competent professional."

Cezary Repecki
Managing Director at Ronwe Limited